MPS Baselanguage java.time (or any time) implementation


Is java.time implemented in the MPS baselanguage? Or is there any support for time in baselanguage?

java.time was implemented in Java 8.  From this page ( I see there's jetbrains.mps.baselanguage.jdk8 that supports java 8.  When I add it as a dependency I don't see any of the java.time classes so does that mean they are not implemented?

Also, more generally, is there a way to find out what features in java 6, 7, and 8 are implemented in baselanguage?





we haven't created any own time API or language in MPS, but certainly you can leverage the one in Java, if you're running MPS on JDK 1.8 - just import (Control + M) the java.time@java_stub model (stubs models represent JDK packages in MPS) and the classes will become available in your model.

All packages from the runtime JDK are present in MPS as stub models, plus you can always add any other libraries (classes, jars) to MPS.




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