boolean datytype not checked by model checker

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For example I have defined a property isOk of type boolean. If a value edited by the user is not true or false it's highlighted in red. Thus it's shown as an error. But if I build my model it says successful, even though the model checker level is at its highest level. Is this intended to act like this? Do I need to define a constraint for each boolean datatype to let the model checker recognize this as an error or do I need to build my own bool datatype to satisfy my needs?



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In fact your model is correct, so the model checker as well as the generator do not see any errors - the property still holds the "true" or "false" value that there was before you typed "ddd", as you can check in the AST Explorer (Alt + F12) (BTW, a missing boolean property in AST equals to "false"). It is the editor that holds the invalid value and displays it in red, since it cannot be inserted into the model, because it validates the constraints for boolean values.


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