Creating dependencies based on metadependencies

Who can give me a hint, I 'm new to MPS.


For the problem see also the figure below as an example:


In the solution I like to create the following:

1. Creating a Metatype (For example 1. “Party” and 2. “Partyrelation”

2. Creating a Metadependancytype (For example 1. “Party_Partyrelation” and 2. “Party_Partyrelation”; “Partyrelation” is 2 times dependent of “Party”)


Point 1 and 2 are of course no problem, but can someone give me a hint for point 3 and 4.


3. Creating a W_Objecttype

In this case I first want to choose a Metatype and then create a W_Objecttype as a child

For example

      1. I choose “Party” and then create the W_Objecttype “HumanBeing” or “LegalPerson”

      2. I choose “Partyrelation” and then create the W_Objecttype “Marriage”


4. Creating/Inserting an W_Objectrelationtype

When creating the W_Objecttype “Marriage” which is dependant of the metatype “Partyrelation” and “Partyrelation” is two times dependant of the master “Party”, I want to create directly a child of the metadependency “Party-Partyrelation” with a reference which i want to choose as a child of the “Metamaster” in this dependency, in this example to the W_Objecttype “humanBeing”. Because Partyrelation is two times dependant of Party I want to or better I have to create of course two references to W-Objecttypes (W_Objecttype Role1= partner 1 and W_Objecttype Role2 = partner2)




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