Modelling POJO/AST?

I hope the following question won't be OT.

Sometime one needs AST classes so one instance of this AST can be produced for instance at the end of the parsing of an external file.
The AST is then analyzed or transformed into an AST instance of the same AST metamodel or into an AST instance of a different metamodel.

To avoid the definition of the AST/POJO classes by hand, one has several UML tools either open source or commercial, several tools from the Eclipse galaxy that tend to require the use of MOF/EMF jars at runtime, plus several tools most of them not up to date, a very interesting project is

Because there are so many possibilities I'm curious to know how other MPS users have resolved this problem.

What I've choosed so far? Xcore models with custom JET templates so I can completely remove the dependencies on EMF core jars and ok... I'm not using most of the EMF features but they are not of my interest. Instead I'm much more interested in textual languages rather then graphic languages, so I prefere Xcore rather than Ecore or UML.


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