Access database and produce reports for a real world company

Dear Sir,

I am thinking to develop a complete system using DSL for my MSc final dissertation. The company collect data using a modern camera system such as time, type of customer (teenager, adult, men or women, kid, etc). This camera system installed in several branches of the company in several geographical areas within the UK.

I am planning to develop a system to access these data from the Database and produce reports the way that company needs. For an example, How many teenagers come to all the London branches last Sunday from 9.00 am to 10.00 am. There must be several reports.

This looks like a complex system. I learnt MPS earlier and I felt this is a complete language. As I do not have a complete understanding of the language, do you think it is possible to develop the above system using MPS?

Highly appreciated for every little help.

Thanking you


Pradeep Hewage


MPS is complete language workbench and provides great support for Java. So why not access the db using Java libraries?

For implementing a DSL you need to know how your problem domain looks like and then model it in MPS. You didn't get into much detail of these reports (MS Word, pdf, database stuff ?)..





Thanks for the kind reply.

Currently I am working on this language. I couldn't get your last point

"You didn't get into much detail of these reports (MS Word, pdf, database stuff ?).."

You mean, I cant represent much details of these reports?

Many thanks


"produce reports the way that company needs"

In which format do you want to have this report? That's what I meant in my post above. Anyways, it shouldn't be a problem at that all.



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