Again on Kotlin on MPS

I have spent some days using Kotlin and now looking at the BaseLanguage my eyes hurt.

Do you see any major issue preventing the implementation of Kotlin in MPS, in a way that it stays interoperable with the BaseLanguage code but produces Kotlin source code and compile it in the same way the generated Java code is compiled?

I wonder if it could make sense to identify a subset of the language (e.g., data classes) and getting started to get a better feeling of the effort and the major roadblocks for this


Right, the typesystem it is not so close to the one from the BaseLanguage.

I would postpone creating stubs. It is clear that they would be eventually needed but I guess at the beginning I could import jars as BaseLanguage stubs and use them from "MPSKotlin" in that way.

If I ever find the time for that I think I would start with data classes and see how difficult is to get something very basic working.

Thanks for the feedback!


There is no update that I am aware of. I would still love to see it and I would be willing to join the effort if someone was starting this.


This would certainly be substantial effort, especially when it comes to the type-system or integration with BaseLanguage, but technically it is most likely doable. You'd also have to solve the issue of creating stub models for Kotlin libraries, which might require integrating the Kotlin parser.




I wonder what’s the update on this.


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