Double reference indirection in MPS editor

Hi Community,

Suppose I have concepts A, B, and C. A has a reference to B and B has a reference to C. In the editor of A, I specify the projection for the reference to B to show the name of C (so I have a double indirection in the editor). See the picture below.

Now I would expect that when I click this projection in a model (so I would click where the cursor is in the picture below) that the node defining concept B is highlighted. However, nothing is highlighted. Does somebody know why this doesn't work as I would expect? Moreover, does anybody have an idea on how to get the desired effect?

Thanks a lot for any hints!



Is there no one who has any idea how to deal with these kinds of use cases in MPS (see the head of the post please)? Isn't there, for example, some mechanism (like the actions?) where I can specify what happens when I ctrl+click something?


There are two cell styles available that might help you: navigatable-node and navigatable-reference. Specifying one of them should make ctrl-click work on a cell.


Thank you very much! Specifying for the cell in the editor for A that projects c helps to make the c ctrl+clickable.


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