Can i customize code completion menu (Ctrl + Space).

I want to customize the options displayed in the code completion menu (Ctrl + Space) based upon certain condition. Is it possible?
AFAIK by default code completion menu shows list of options available under a certain node.

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Of course, the completion menu can be customized through Actions (MPS 3.3 and earlier, or the new Transformation Menu Language (MPS 3.4,

It is quite a non-trivial piece of functionality, so you should perhaps first try the video tutorials:



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Thanks Vaclav for the information, the action i am looking for is Substitute Actions.

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Like we have node substitute actions prior to MPS 3.4 using which i can removed an item from the code completion menu(One of the many functionality),

I am wondering how can i achieve the same using the new language added in MPS 3.4 i.e default substitute menu for concept

I got this link:
Substitute menu (default) but no help :(


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