Generating code to custom location

Currently, code in MPS is generated to one of the *_gen directories. Is it possible to change where the code gets generated to in a model? I.e. can I change the source_gen location for the stuff that is generated out of a model? This would help improving file-based interoperability with other tools, because it would save a copy action from source_gen to another location that is needed by other tooling everytime you build the model.

Thanks for any hints/ideas!


Hey Eugen!

Look there. As stated by Vaclav Pech it's unfortunately not possible.




Hi msch95, thanks for pointing that one out. I completely missed that post.


Have a look at this project ( and in the second volume of my book (custom web facet description). The org.campagnelab.staging language helps write generated code to specific locations. 


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