Model to model Transformation

Dear folks,

I have MODEL A expressed in LANGUAGE A and I have LANGUAGE B.

I want to create MODEL B as transformation from MODEL A to MODEL B.

For this purpose there is several way:a) I can use generator component in MPS or b) I can grammatically create class and methods also in generator to do that.

Any other possibilities?

I don't want to create dependency between these languages.



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When I start to created transformation (using generator) from MODEL A to MODEL B I get this message:

Text generation completed successfully
None of generated text units reference context node

I didn't get  MODEL B.

Where is s problem?

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Hi Dusan,

Where did you expect model B to be?

The message doesn't need to be a problem, it just may tell you that model B doesn't have a textgen defined, which doesn't produce a final model to text transformation from model B to text.

If you want to find model B, you should select Build --> Save Transient models.

Then, you run the generator by  making/rebuilding model A and then you will find model B (given you specified the root mapping and/or reduction rules correctly) in the logical view completely at the bottom under transient models (you have to expand the transient models node and there you can see the full trace of all the results generated during, possibly multi-step, reduction).

Hope this helps. If you need more specific answers, you have to give more information.

I would also recommend to check out some of the tutorials at on the basics and the MPS books from Fabien Campagne. He really nicely explains the details from the ground up.

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One small addition: the transient models are called <solution_name>@transient<random number>, like here:

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My mistake. Thanks a lot. I have the first MPS book from Fabien Campagne. The second one I don-t have.


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