Change " selection of multiple node " Editor Behavior


What I would like to do, is to slightly change the behavior of  shift+up and shift+ down.


My problem is that I dont know if it is possible or how to change/replace the shift+up action of a selection of nodes. I would alternativly settle for shift+alt+up to do what I want, but how to influence behaviour of a selection of multiple nodes is still my problem. 

I can register a new action map on my starting node, but as soon as I have selected one node or more, the action map does not get the action anymore. If i understand correctly, It is the actions registered with the selection of nodes that are driving the process from now on. But how to change/ replace these actions?

I hope I made my problem clear. If not . Ask.







Hi Jochen,

I don't think it's possible to do this through the editor. I would suggest you define your own "plugin action" (the one with the yellow gear icon) to do what you want, and bind it to Shift-Alt-Up/Down.



My lazy self was hoping not to reimplement the whole selection procedure. But thanks for the confirmation.


Hi Jochen, hi Sergeji

Could you share your real code of your plugin with right dependencies with me. May you remember my similar question about delete mutliple nodes. Because I tried my best and for nothing maybe this is because of my lack knowledge of Mps.


Thank you so much in adavnce. 


This has not much to do with your problem described in your other post. This is just about selecting nodes. The deleting happens somewhere else and I can't manipulate or catch it from the code in my actions.


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