Customizing find text (SearchPanel)

I would like to know if there is a way to change how find text works.

I am refering to this panel that appears on models:
In one situation it is producing a result that is surprising for the user and I would like to change the behavior for certain concepts, if possible


Hey Federico,

I don't know how to do that in MPS. However, mbeddr has a utility which did the job for me.

Text Search (com.mbeddr.core.base)


Thank you macks. I use mbeddr, I have just no idea how to use that feature, however from what I read it creates a different search functionality:

On Models and Solutions there is a context menu entry Text Search. When activated, it opens a tool on the right side of MPS where you can enter a search term that is then full-text-searched in the respective solution or model. By default, the searcher looks at names of concepts as well as richtext paragraphs (see below). If you want your language concepts to contribute more text to be searched, implement the ISearchSupport interface.

It could be pretty useful but in my scenario the problem is that the user is using the "normal" text search and it does not work as expected, so I was looking in workarounds to fix it. Maybe there are no hooks or API to change its behavior, not sure...




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