How to compile and run the program of Voice menu example?

I am trying my hand at MPS and wanted to show off what it can do before I started to dive in deeply.

Found the 'Voice Menu' example from here

Installed Jetbrains MPS > Downloaded the code from github > Opened it in MPS > Rebuild the project > Tried to run.

There are 5 different sandbox tests, all of them raises 'no tests to run' error when I try to run them. Is there any video demonstration where I can learn how to run the 'Voice Menu' project?

Please advise.

Thank you.


Dear Abhilash,

you just open the j.m.s.VoiceMenu.sandbox module which contains three sample voice menu definitions. Open any of them in the editor by double-clicking and you can edit these definitions. Use intentions to choose the desired generation target and then rebuild that VoiceMenu.sandbox module. If you choose Java, you can than right-click on the definition and run it.




Hello Vaclav,

I had posted this same question on stackoverflow. I was finally able to run the example without any hassle and it helped me gain an understanding of DSL.



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