Create structure and items, then refer them

I want to create a language where I can define some structure-like containers. In this example, I want MyOperation to refer a previously defined container, and Uses to be a list of Element from it (in this case, MyContainer A). I'm trying to help domain experts to be able to define these containers by helping them with autocomplete, etc.

MyContainer A {
Element a
Element b
MyContainer B {
Element c
Element d
MyOperation op {
Refers :  A
Uses {
a, b

How can this be accomplished? 

Official comment

Hi Leonardo,

this is pretty easy to achieve with references and scoping. Perhaps you should investigate

Additionally, you may learn about scoping from the Calculator tutorial -



By the way, I'm trying using contraints and references but there is little documentation and it all appears to be out of date (i.e., enclosingNode, etc.)


Also, with your MPS Installation, there should come a bunch of example projects: /Users/you/MPSSamples201X.Y.Z

The examples projects "stateChart" and "componentDependency" might also be worth a look, since they are similar in structure at least.


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