Scope through constraints | contextRole parameter disappear


We are migrating our languages to the most recent MPS version. During this process we had several problems.

For one of these problems we still don't have solution.
The problem is in the implementation of search scope in the constraints aspect, in the version we were using we had the contextRole parameter. Now this parameter doesn't exist, BUT in your last documentation this interface is exactly the same.

I take this opportunity to say that your documentation is very week. It is so difficult to understand what we should use instead of deprecated code.


Eduardo Costa

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Have you tried using "containmentLink" to replace contextRole? If referenceNode is null, it is the link between contextNode and referenceNode (the latter is not yet created). If referenceNode is not "null", you could just ask it for its "role":

Hope this helps,


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I think you are right, I made a few tests and it works.

Thank you for you reply.

Best regards Robert,



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