Controlling The Output's Directory Structure

Let's say I have a model M in my language L and I need to generate code for two different technologies A and B. Each technology output will have its own directory structure, which will have to be generated along with the target text files.

For example, A has the following structure (a Maven module):

- pom.xml

- src/main/java/com/package/

And B has the following structure (a RubyOnRails app):

- config/routes.rb

- controller/my_controller.rb

The MPS build has to generate both directory structures entirely along with the files, based on the same model.


How do I go about implementing that in MPS?


I have managed to generate individual files by implementing root templates, but I don't know how to define a directory structure and how to tell the generators to put the target files in the right directories.


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Unfortunately, there's no mechanism in MPS to control output directory structure yet. You may use custom Make facet to layout your output the way you like or try to workaround with a 'CopyOutcome' annotation (which copies textgen outcome to a specified disk location).


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