Supporting rebinding by name (F5 Key) with own concepts

Hi folks,


I just made a concept MethodCall which references a Java InstanceMethod. My MethodCall concept also contains argument expressions. 

Now: When using F5, of course, not the correct Reference (according to arg types) to InstanceMethod is taken, in case multiple methods exist. 

How can I resolve that issue? Is there a way to make my MethodCall concept aware of "num/type of arguments" when rebinding a InstanceMethod via name (F5 Key)? 

Any hint appreciated,




Take a look at MethodCallsFixer class in MPS, that's how it's implemented for Base Language.

As an alternative you could try creating a checking rule to detect wrong methods with a quick fix to point the reference to the proper method that is set to apply automatically.


Hi Sergej,


just using CRTL-N did not lead me to MethodCallsFixer. I m using MPS 3.3.5 .. 


Did this identifier change over the versions? 


Thanks for your hint,



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