Why does MPS have such a low profile?

For months I've been playing with the idea of language-oriented programming (with internal DSLs, rather than new languages), and somehow never stumbled across this until now. I've barely scratched the surface, but I'm loving everything I've seen!

The question I have is, why isn't it more widely adopted? Are there major limitations that I haven't come across yet? Is it just because of how unorthodox the projectional editor is? Or is it more of a question of evangelism and documentation at this point?

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Oscar Rodriguez
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Hi Schulzke,

It's good to hear that you like MPS!

Just last year we start investing in marketing and promoting MPS, before it was only development. There's a lot of areas of opportunity (documentation, evangelism etc.) but I can tell you that we are working on it. Our metrics (users, training and support contracts) are growing with every release so we hope we can get out of the "low profile" box soon. 

Please feel free to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jetbrains_mps) and join our slack community (http://slack-mps.jetbrains.com/). 

Oscar Rodriguez

Product MKT Manager of MPS

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