create new child on enter key and prevent the content from other cells

Hi Everyone,

I am new to MPS and have a basic question: I have a concept which has several children...

concept xxx extends BaseConcept                                                                                                                                                                      
instance can be root: true
alias: <no alias>
short description: <no short description>
<< ... >>
a : aa[0..1]

b : bb[0..1]

c: cc[0..n]
<< ... >>

The editor of xxx contains all these children and its own content. For the first time content of a, b and c and content of xxx appears asusual.

On pressing "Enter" is it possible to get only the content of child "c"  and excluding the content of a,b and xxx ?

Thank you all for any suggestion..




I have a basic question. I have a child list [0..n] , separated by a comma. Now if the user hits enter, it always creates a new child.

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The definition of your editor will be most likely need some tuning.

You can use both Enter and comma to create new children in a collection.


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