Any advices for GIT .ignored ?


I tried to store MPS project to Git.

And I want others can do git pull request without problems to update their repo clones.

But usually my colleagues play with the Project, i.e. tries to build it, create documents etc. And when they do git pull there are problems with files that they changed.

Also, in project there is .mps dir with settings and if one clones repo to a dir not matching to my origin dir for the Project than it needs to fixt path in xml files in .mps.

So, can someone advise me how to better organize a git repo? what about .ignored ? what directories is really needed for projects?


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You can check out some .gitignore files on github, for example this or this:

I suggest you ignore the workspace.xml, it contains user specific information. You probably don't want to share any artifacts generated by MPS (*_gen* directories) or your own generators.

If you use build scripts, you likely want to ignore the generated artifacts of these build scripts. So this depends on if you use ant scripts, gradle, or something else...

We have an environment that maps the git repository locally to a virtual network, so that all users have the same path, no matter where the actual local repository is located on their machine. The repository also contains a git submodule with all the software (git, MPS, mbeddr, etc.) one needs to get started working on the team, so we can be sure we all use the same MPS version.


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Thank you, Robert!

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Did something like this





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