Custom FindUsages letting users enter more information


i am familiar with the FindUsages system, however, i can not implement my requirements easily. The problem at hand: i need the user to enter some additional text-information before executing the find procedure. 

The situation is as follows:

  • I do have a kind of SqlStatement concept in my language, which contains an sql-string as text (The SqlStatement concept contains a string property)
  • I need to provide a window to search for SqlStatements containing a specific Table-Name. 
  • The result should be visualised similarly like the find-usages result window where the user can click on the result-nodes to open them.. the find-usages result window still keeps visible and docked, a very nice feature when the user wants to inspect each of the result-nodes. 
  • I also know how to build a custom tool for the tools menu, however, i can not access the find-usages result window easily from there  (at least i do not expect that to be easy). 



What could be a viable approach to provide such a search functionallity. Basically, it is very similar to the "Find in path ... "  functionallity provided in all other jetbrains IDE's...



Any hint appreciated,





Hi Daniel, I would build a custom tool in this case. You could look through MPS sources of find usages tool and model checker tool to potentially find some code to reuse.

Whether a tool window keeps visible and docked is, I believe, a matter of settings, you can set it programmatically to be docked by default.


No idea anyone? 


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