Remove of import jetbrains.mps.internal.collections.runtime.ListSequence in TextPreview

I created a quite simple structure within MPS2018.3 and created also a simple mapping within a generator. Within the generator I use a linkedlist of the mps base language. Additionally I use a linkedhashset.

I also created a solution to make use of it. The solution works more or less as expected. However there are two import Statements that I do not understand and seem to come from the mps base language.

import jetbrains.mps.internal.collections.runtime.ListSequence;
import jetbrains.mps.internal.collections.runtime.SetSequence;

I expected however, that the preview text would be plain java. I want to get rid of those import statements listed above to use the generated text within a usual jdk-environment.

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linkedlist and linkedhashset come from bl.collections language which comes with own runtime (with classes you observe in imports). To generate pure Java code, don't use bl.collections, regular java.util.LinkedList<> and java.util.LinkedHashSet<> would not bring any runtime dependency (though lacking nice functional sequence operations).


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