Issue with INSPECTOR and Generator

Hi I'm new to MPS, I was executing Constants example by following in youtobe instructions.

Two things I did not work for me.

1. While configuring editor for Constants, in the inspector section, there is Style option, to define style name, in autopopulate KeyWord is not there, instead I can find Comment and StubImplementation.

-> Can any body help me to resolve this? is any thing changed in new version of MPS

2.After configuring Generator same steps followed in video tutorial. when preview generated code, I see following output but not a java code

   Model processed:r:27a83f2c-1987-42c5-8ada-d795e01d4976(Constants.constants)
   Context node:r:27a83f2c-1987-42c5-8ada-d795e01d4976(Constants.constants)/6120843235542339530
   Text generation completed successfully
   None of generated text units reference context node

How to resolve this?


Shiva B.


Hi Shiva,

the KeyWord style is defined in BaseLanguageStyle, which comes from the j.m.baseLanguage.editor model. You need to import this model into your editor model (Control + M) to make the stylesheet available in your editor definitions.

As for the generator, could you post your current generator code?



Thank you Vaclav for response,

I fixed 1st as you suggested. for 2nd Generation  I have simple code :

(Cars is a root concept and contains listOfCars:Car )

---------default code -----

root template
input Cars

public class mapped_cars {


 Here after this, when I go to solution and click on preview generated text, I get above mentioned text, not a java code




Do you have a root mapping rule configured in the main mapping configuration?



I setup again a project for Constants freshly, I'm getting JAVA code with Constants project and concepts I created. Java Code generation is working here.

I will check with my Cars example, may be I might have missed something.

Thank you for your time,

It helped a lot.

----------- mappings in main ------

root mapping rules:
concept Cars --> mapped_cars

inheritors false
condition <always>
keep input root default


Also please always make sure that you have rebuilt your language and generator definition before you try to generate your models.


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