Custom Errors/Warnings in Project View?



I'm currently trying to create custom errors/warnings that show up in the MPS Project View. (e.g. on Solutions, Languages, Models, ...)


During my research i found the custom project view implementation of the mbeddr project. In this solution they build their own project view and override the one from MPS. There are several options to customize the view but there isn't an API to add customized checks for modules or models (e.g. via dependency injection).

I found the code snippet which configures the error handler for the custom project view, so i have a good starting point to create my own implementation of a project view.


Before I start this project I was wondering if there is any API for the MPS Project View implementation that i could use to set errors/warnings on project view nodes or if anybody had to deal with a similar use case?


I would appreciate any ideas.


Best regards


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