BaseLanguage doesn't work with annotations with a static initializer

I am trying to generate Java code, which contains annotations. One of those annotations, @Plugin, has a static field, which means that a static <clinit>()V function gets added to the annotation to initialize it. BaseLanguage, however, does not seem to realize that this is a special function not for human consumption, and gives me an error when I add the annotation to the generated class - "Error: '<clinit>' missing though required". And then I can actually add a <clinit> parameter to the annotation, although there aren't any valid values since it wants a void expression and it's impossible for such a thing to exist.

Is this a bug in BaseLanguage such that it doesn't understand static methods on annotations can't be used as annotation parameters? Or did I configure this wrong?

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Looks like a missing feature of BaseLanguage. Can you file it as an issue, please?




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