Transformation menu visible in child cells


I have a concept with a context assistant menu. It works well, but unfortunately the menu does not show when the focus is not on the cells defined in the same editor of the placeholder. Is there any way to show it when the focus is on a cell of a child node (similarly to intentions?). Child nodes are defined elsewhere (not in the same language), so changing them is not an option in this case. 





Dear Mas2182,

If you don't have control over the language of the children's concept, the most appropriate way would be to include the menu for the parent from any descendant.

For that you could define the following contribution to the BaseConcept


Dear Semen,


Thanks for your reply. Believe it or not, I reached the same conclusion few hours after I posted. I defined a place holder cell in the first ancestor I can control and contributed to BaseConcept. It works great.

Thanks again,



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