Get the Annotations of Enum Fields

My question is how to get the Annotations used?

I have already tried it this way without success.

What do I do wrong?
One more note, the Java classes are all in the same solution.


Thanks already in advance


Try getEnumConstants() instead of getFields(). This is not MPS-specific, by the way, it's just Java reflection.


Actually, scratch that. Your code is correct, but the annotations themselves need to be annotated with @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME)


Sergej is certainly correct, but it seems there is a more "MPS" way to do this, that isn't an enum-with-annotations.

I would think about structuring the project this way:

concept MeasurementType extends BaseConcept
implements IValidIdentifier

valueType: Type[1]

concept MeasurementTypes

types: MeasurementType[0..n]

Then depending on where you need that information, you could create a template that creates an enum from those concepts, or create a subconcept of Type which references a MeasurementType, and replaces itself with the valueType.  


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