Adding external library from maven repository

Hello, folks! :)

In my project I use external library as jar file. And I want this file is updated from a maven repository. How can I achive this?


You could create a "setup" task in Gradle/Maven to download the dependency and copy it somewhere (stripping the version number in the process). Then configure a solution in MPS to load the copied JAR as stubs.


Sergej, thank you! How can I enable this task to run in the build process in MPS? Where should I place build.gradle and how to invoke the corresponding task? Can you describe it in a little more detail?


I assumed you have some sort of command-line build for your project using Ant/Maven/Gradle or some other build tool, for the purposes of continuous integration, so you would place this task into that build and you would run it before opening the project in MPS.

I don't know of any mechanism to get MPS itself to download Maven libraries.


Sergej, thank you very much for your help! At least, I see in which direction to move :)


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