Generators not getting updated on some rebuilds, until a restart?

I'm having a quite frustrating problem.  I'm working on the generators for my project, and I frequently have to restart MPS to have the changes I make reflected in the generation step.

Is this a bug with MPS? Is this something I've set up incorrectly?




This is not the intended behavior of the generator. Can you be more specific about what changes you are making that require restart?




Vaclav: Any time I change any template (root template, or <T T>, or <TF  TF>), the changes don't take effect until restart.  

Sergej: Yes, I'm using a generator plan. Its all transforms and checkpoints though.  Ultimately, I probably don't need to use a generator plan. I thought I did, because I was trying to shared labels between generators, but I've found a different way to do what I'm trying to do.



Vaclav: More specifically, its when I change things in any macro.  I can add "message debug" statements and I won't see them until I restart.


Sergej: It seems to be related to my using a Generation Plan.  I made my project work without a generation plan, and this problem goes away.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, this will make working on my project way more pleasant.


I don't need a generation plan after all, so I'm happy at the moment, but I'd like to know if I might have done something wrong with the plan, or is it an actual bug?



I think there's some caching-related bug but I'm not sure of its number. The workaround is to just go to the generation plan and save it so that caches get invalidated (you might need to make a trivial change to the plan).


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