Two child cell in one editor prevet focus from going to second one

Hi, I'm MPS beginner. 

I'm trying to have two child cells on pointing on the same child but made only one editable. 

My editor code looks like:

% condition % => [> % koeficient %  × <] ( % changeoverOperation % -> { name } ) <constant>
[> ( [> % koeficient % ×<] ( % changeoverOperation % -> % time_taken % ) ) <]

Second koeficient cell is set readonly, noneditable and nonselectable, but when I'm fill first one and hit the enter cursor skips to second one.

Is there some way to avoid this behavior?


Typically, such read-only cells are handled with read-only model access cells. You specify the query down in the inspector.




Thanks Vaclav, that somehow help, but I can't figure out how to get same text from koeficiet which is  Expression concept as I get from link declaration.


Koeficient is 5 * someInstalce.somevar -> read-only field should show "5 * someInstance.somevar" 

When I'm using node.getDetailedPresentation() it show only "*"

Could you suggest some way out?


Thanks in advance.


ExpressionPresentationUtil.getExpressionPresentation() should help.


Thanks Vaclav, that's exactly what I was looking for. You are the best.



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