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i have two concepts, concept1 and concept2. In concept2's editor i declare an alias like this:

then in concept2's editor i have the following:

Now, what i want is that in concept1's editor  be able to call in completation menu that alias and substitute with the  editor with concept2

For instance, in completation menu, i should be able to type concept2 and be able to add the editor of concept2.

I don't know why its not apearing. What i am doing wrong?




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When defining an editor only items related to the editor language will appear in the menu. concept2 isn't about editing so it shouldn't appear there, this is working as expected.

if concept1 had a child child3 of concept concept2 then you would see %child3% in the menu.

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Thanks Sergej for your answer.

Its correct what you say, but is not what i am looking for. This does not embed the editor of concept2. I mean ...

Here is an example similar to what i want to do.

In the editor of concept1 it is embed another editor which is the editor of concept CellModel_Diagram

The concept CellModel_Diagram has the alias "diagram." So when I use the completation menu in concept1 its appears the alias of the concept

The editor of concept CellModel_Diagram is this one :


When i try to apply the same strategy for concept1 and concept2, the alias does no appear in the completation menu. I do not know why.




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Looks like you're trying to create your own editor cell model. In that case your concept2 has to extend EditorCellModel, then it will appear in the completion menu.

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Finally, it is solved

Two things: 1) you have to build your language first so that concept2 is generated and compiled, and 2) you need to import your language for use in the editor model (press Ctrl+L while in the editor of concept1, then choose your language name in the pop-up that appears)Note that you are trying to use a language inside itself here and this is best avoided because it creates a bootstrap cycle (you need to build the language to build the language). It would be better to put concept2 in a separate language.

Thanks Sergej for your solution ;-)


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