Jetbrains JetPad Documentation

Is there any documentation on Jetpad? 

I'm going to be working heavily with the diagram editor on my current project, and I am struggling to easily make the nodes and views I need. 

Is there a way to align text to the right or center in jetpad? 


Is there a good sample project? or a good test project within the open source MPS repository I can learn more about the APIs? 


As far as I know the MPS built-in diagrams are pretty much abandoned (MPS team, correct me if I'm wrong). Use mbeddr diagrams, they are still being maintained.


Are you using the open source jetpad from If so please be aware that there wasn't any public development for the last 3 years.

I also found this:


@Sergej Koščejev is there documentation on the mbeddr diagramming? I've not seen any yet.


After trying out the mbeddr diagramming, I find that it is much more akin to the MPS platform model. Would highly recommend anyone try it that might need diagramming. 


have a look at this post, I am using mbeddr diagraming and its better than using jetpad. there are also some projects you can check the get an idea.


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