can find logs even I used log info/warn in the reference scope function of constraints

I used the logs of baseLanguage when I edit the constraints, but can't find any log output in message view or other else.


link {bizcodes}
referent set handler <none>
scope (referenceNode, contextNode, containmentLink, position, linkTarget, operationContext)->Scope {

log info "xxxxxxx hello test of logging", new Exception("xxxxxxxxxxx");     //this is no useful at all

return new ListScope(bizcodes) {
public string getName(node<> child) {
return child:StringLiteral.value;

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That is unexpected. I just tried and the message is properly logged. Are you sure the scope function gets invoked?

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`log info` logs to the MPS log file (idea.log), `message info` logs to the Messages View.

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I get it, it works now, thank you very much


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