How to convert a LocalMethodCall to a LocalVariableDeclaration and a LocalMethodCall using Template Fragments ?

Hi, I'm extending the BaseLanguage with Agent Oriented concept. In my generator I want to replace all LocalMethodCall which matches a given condition to something else. This something else is a LocalVariableDeclaration and a LocalMethodCall.

For instance I want to convert this (in my own DSL):

  • info("Hello")

To this (in the BaseLanguage):

  • Logging LOGGING_CAPACITY = getSkill(Logging.class);

How can I do it ?

When I'm using a reduction rule template with two template fragments I end up with an error saying that the two template fragments must be of the same type.



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A LocalMethodCall is an expression and replacing it with two expressions won't be syntactically valid in most places.

You probably want to convert an ExpressionStatement containing a LocalMethodCall to two statements: a LocalVariableDeclarationStatement and an ExpressionStatement. That's going to be syntactically valid since they will usually be located in a StatementList.


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