Dropping MPS plugin into existing IDEA application does not work!

I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate 2018.3 and wanted to try MPS.  The install instructions for the plugin state to drop the downloaded (un-zipped) folder in ~/LibraryApplication Support/IntelliJIdea2018.3/  but when I restart IntelliJ, I see no evidence that IntelliJ has picked up this new MPS capability.  I tried File / New / Project expecting to see a new MPS project as a project option, but see nothing related to MPS.

Can someone push me in the right direction here?

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You can't create new MPS languages from IDEA using the plugin. If you want to try MPS out, the simplest way is to download the full version of MPS and go through the fast track tutorial: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/mps/fast-track-to-mps.html

The plugin could be used to write code in some MPS-based language and combine it with the existing Java code in your project but it's not a good entry point for trying out MPS.


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