How to build using TextGen?


the title may not be quite explicit so let me explain. I have a simple purely declarative language representing a DesignSystem. The DesignSystem has for all UI components code snippets ( for various environments but for now assume we are looking to JS/HTML/CSS) build so that the design is properly reflected when building an UI.

I am using these snippets in TextGen to build the relevant files needed in my project.  That works nice so far but i am not finding my way around on how to build i.e. write those files into the appropriate location inside my web app scaffold.

Any hint to documentation, How to's etc. on building would be great ( or maybe any suggestion doing things differently that just using TextGen ??) . I have been looking around the web and documentation and couldn't find something fairly straight forward for a total newbie on MPS.


Thanks a lot




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Hi Gregor, have a look at the Facets.
There is a sample project that should enable you to go forward


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