Gen Priorities and Closure/Collection Lang

Hi Folks,


i m stuck with some Generation issues regarding the closure / collection language. 

In my language cltest (extends baselang), i have a concept status (which is similar to an enum, but generates to a plain java class). Then i added a StatusType which extends type from baselang. Now i want to simply write something like 

MyStatus s ={it: it.status}).........

This works fine as long as the SelectOperation is used in the same model, the status is defined. 


However, doing that across models breaks the resolvement of StatusType (see screenshot below) 


Any Hint appreciated....... 






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Okay, one solution is to change gen-priorities. That is, let the cltest generator run first, and all other gens afterwards. 

However, that will make my generation plan quite complex i assume. I will investigate that path further and report back. 



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In 2019.1 and 2019.3 I get a StackOverflowError when building your sample (after migration), the subtyping rule looks suspect. If I change it a bit (to use Status<Object> as the supertype), I can generate code but not compile.


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