Table as input

Im trying  to create an table format in a node and i should access each and every columns seperately as an input? 


Yes. Because table is just a specific editor. As you edit each property and child in editor so you should do the same in table.

Also remember that every change in table will fully recreate table instance. I would recommend you to add some debug messages inside table provider class just to understand when table created and which methods are invoked.


can i get a sample code to create a table editor to access each and every cell with working model?


Thanks Robert Walter

i will take a look and tell about it...


Thank u for the response.


Hi @Robert
In that project there are so much of examples but I can't able to run any one of that language /solution

And in editor they create table structure but in the node there is nothing like Table format...

That's the thing confusing for me !!!!


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