Is it possible to create a split window, for example a live rendering preview, for a concept?

I am writing a standalone IDE for HTML. Is it possible to make a live preview window for the HTML file currently editing? Just like what the Markdown plugin in IntelliJ IDEA do: a text editing window in the left, a live preview in the right, and 3 switching button (edit only, preview only, split for edit and preview) at the top right corner inside a top bar under file bar.
I have searched for this support "forum", the "content outdated available" and "content missing" documents, but found nothing related for me to create such an editor view possible.
It can be made with a sidebar, which may be called "Tool" of Plugin aspect, but I didn't try that, since this window will reduce the width of opening file list.
It can be even made with a full-predefined Editor, but it may be too hack, and some functionalities like auto scrolling, per-element corresponding highlight may be hard to implement.
It may be possible to implement with a Editor Tab, but it is more far away from what I was expected.
I have decompiled the Markdown plugin, found it may be using com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.FileEditor or com.intellij.openapi.util.UserDataHolder to make such a splitting window, but I don't know how to modify the Editor in MPS.

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There is no special support in MPS for this, it's a general IntelliJ IDEA platform question. There's a Gitter chat for IntelliJ plugin developers here: Try asking your question there if you haven't already.


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