How to Convert MPS to jar file?


can we able to convert one MPS project to JAR file and use it in some other Application(SpringBoot),is it possible to convert and use?


After building a project in MPS you should find sources_gen and classes_gen directories in your project files. You can add those directories as source directories your application.


Firstly, I think you should define what you project contains. The answer depends on that.

You should look into the Build Language, whether it contains what you want:

Basically, you are using ant to do stuff, including packaging. You definitely can package a module (solution/language) as a jar, however I am not sure, whether it is possible to package a whole project (multiple modules) just like that. Maybe packaging modules separately one by one is good enough for you.

First you must declare a solution/language x in the structure which you are going to pack. Personally I have discovered 2 ways of creating a jar (defined in the layout part)
1. jar -> compile output of module x
2. Export as Java library (first define a library in the structure part)

Please report back if this helped you or what you actually need. Cheers.


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