How to give suggestion or DropDown box in Mps?

Hi ,


Here i am having 3 columns and First Column is having the Subject Name.

I need to add some more rows having the same First Column data like maths,science,chemistry.


so is there any option like suggestion or DropDown box for selecting the data from that instead of typing the same thing again and again?




Are you familiar with the substitution menu in MPS? 

Also, how did you model your subject names? Are they nodes implementing the INamedConcept interface? Is it an enum property? The more information you provide in your question, the more likely you are to receive a helpful answer.

I also recommend you read some introductory materials on MPS, e.g. some of the tutorials or the editor cookbook.


Hi Robert Walter


Sorry for that non-detailed Question.

It is not a INamedConcept or enum property. I have created these subject names in the node itself. 


we need to use normal string like Maths, science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology in the place repeatedly, so to avoid typing that strings in next lines how can we use those 5 values to be shown in drop down (suggestion)?


Those 5 values is purely string not more than that.


Well, you use an enum. This is pretty much behaving like a string but limited to the enum members.
Or you use a property constraint for your string property and a menu part in the editor cell of your property.


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