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Hi MPS Comunity,

in my project I try to implement multiple projections, which the user can change via a tab bar. (as shown in the image below)

The classes tab should filter for classes, while the associations tab should only display associations like the composition at the bottom.


In the inspector of an editor you can define a filter for the children of a collection.


Is it possible to invoke the filter programmatically?

I'd like to call the function on StateChange Event of the tab bar.

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Got it working by pushing editor hints from my JTabbedPane.
The editor for the respective hint (e.g. classes or associations) has a filter on the concepts of its child elements.

Now that I can switch my hints I have a new question.
The tab bar does its job. However, with larger projects, the tab bar quickly disappears from view when scrolling down.

I have already looked into editor tabs. Unfortunately I don't see any possibility to execute custom code (pushing editor hints).
Ideally I would like to have something similar to the editor tabs or an additional menu bar in the respective editor.

Does anyone have an idea what is suitable for this?
I am grateful for any help. :)


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