Concept name and description getting : create 'hook'

Good afternoon.

I would like to "hook" into process of getting name and description of concepts from my Language. Previously I've done some investigations and found a workaround for my task with Transformation/Substitution menus ( but this workaround requires a lot of handlers and unnecessary editor changes. So I don't like this solution.

My idea: create some hooks for the process of getting names and descriptions. But I don't know is it real or not. For example, I saw "ConceptDeclaration" but conceptDeclaration change language source.

I would like to change dynamically "Arm" and "[Arm definition]" in a flexible way. For example, when MPS will derive concept name I would like to change default "Arm" to something else.

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I don't think it's possible to hook into something as basic as this. Names and descriptions are literal strings and are generated into getters of SAbstractConcept which don't receive any information about who is calling them.


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