DataFlow Problem / Question

Hi Pro's,


i m just fiddling around with a very basic example for DataFlow. It s very similar to a switch/case in java, except that it does not need a break for the cases.


It works as expected, but adding a return leads to the message "unreachable code".



I build the switch similar to the java.baslang.switch



and the case similar to the, adding the jump after directly there (since no break statement is needed).


However, i do not realize, where the problem with the return statement stems from. Any clue what i m missing here? The return should also work - of course ...


Any help apreciated,




It is the "jump after node.ancestor..." that becomes unreachable when you insert a "return statement" into the case.

Mark the "jump" as "maybe unreachable" with an intention to allow for it to be unreachable.



guess now i got it!




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