Web Editor 2020

Is modelix [1] still the state-of-the-art web editor option for MPS? I looked around and this seems to be the only one, and it is fairly active.


Thanks in advance.


[1]: https://github.com/modelix/modelix


Yes, it is. The new generation projectional web editor by JetBrains has not yet been released, but stay tuned. We are actively working on it.


An alternative is MPSServer + WebEditKit (note, I started those projects).
They have a slightly different philosophy than Modelix, as they aim to give tools to web developers to build the editors as they wish, while Modelix generates editors. The difference seems to me that Modelix can give you editors out of the box, as they look into MPS. WebEditKit requires more work but you should be able to adapt things more.


Vaclav Pech is modelix developed by Jetbrains?


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