getting the property from the node of a Loop - Generator


I'm new to MPS and try to create a simple generator for Xml files: so my code looks like this inside the protocolXml in the Generator:


$LOOP$ [ <nested-form id=" " form-file=" "  binding=" * ">


<grid row=" $[rowInput]" column="0" ... ></grid>




the structure looks like this:
the protocol (concept) has n protocolPartNames (concept) children
and each protocolPartName has a string property called nameValue

now where the * (inside the code) is i want to enter a string: "Protocol" + node.nameValue + "Gui"

the node should be the one i'm iterating over (ProtocolPartName) and it should be the current one from the loop.

how can i solve this? i tried different things but wasn't able to get the property

i'm grateful for any help :)

the property nameValue is delted now, instead the concept implements the INanedConcept of MPS, so now i have to get the name of the current node


Hi Selina,

I think you just need to put the cursor on the *, press Alt+Enter, then choose "Add property macro". This will attach a property macro to the property and you will be able to enter your code in the inspector.


first of all, thanks for your answer:
sadly that doesn't work since the menu doesn't provide a Property macro.
maybe because i already use a rpoperty macro inside the loop later? 
 i will update the code example

Edit: also i deleted the property and made the concept implements the INamedConcept from MPS, so now i just need to get the name of the node


Please post a screenshot of your code and the menu, otherwise it's difficult to tell what the problem is.


Good morning,
here are the screenshots from my project.
thank you for taking the time and trying to help me :)

the xml-generator-file:

here is the structure:
The concept ProtokollPartName implements INamedConcept (from MPS)


Ok so if I understood you properly, you want to add a property macro for the value of the binding attribute. To do that, you need to put your cursor inside the quote marks in binding: binding="|" (the vertical bar indicates where you should put the cursor). There you should be able to add a property macro to compute the attribute value.

The property macro defined for the row attribute doesn't prevent you from defining another one for a different attribute.

The node inside the macro body will be the current node from the loop.


thank you, so it's like thought, but as shown in the first picture if I put the cursor there and press option+enter (to open the intention menu) there are only the shown possibilities.
but i will try again, maybe i did somewhere something wrong 


Hmm now I see that’s exactly what you were doing. Well, the only thing I can think of is to write something into the attribute value, perhaps the option will appear then.


yes... that was exactly what i needed to do :D 
thank you so much :)


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