only jar stub libraries are supported

When I go to build a idea plugin I get the following error in the build file

only jar stub libraries are supported, found: /home/zachary/Documents/code/v2/End2EndSimplified/languages/End2EndSimplified/

Attached are photos of my module properties for the build

the Build looks like this.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated 


Could you please check Libraries section of your module properties? The error states there's an entry that is not a .jar (or classes/) location. If there are no suspicious entries, then please check language descriptor file (the one with .mpl extension, it's a regular xml). In the file, look for <stubModelEntry path=""/> values. There has to be paths ending with .jar only.


Tikhomirov Artem That worked but now I am getting the following error. 

/home/zachary/Documents/code/v2/End2EndSimplified/build.xml:392: /home/zachary/.local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox/apps/IDEA-U/ch-0/211.6693.111/plugins/mps-core/lib does not exist

I have extracted the plugin but languages/baseLanguage and the lib folder do not exist. Am I missing a step?


`plugins/mps-core/lib` suggests you try to build contribution to MPS as IDEA plugin, not "big" MPS IDE. Is this your intention? We have had issues with MPS in IDEA plugin, I don't know if the build you use has fully functional plugin.


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