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Hello! Are there news about Web editor for MPS? Sincerely, Petr.
Oscar Rodriguez
Official comment

Hi Petr,

The most updated news at the moment is the FAQ blog post:
We hope we can share more news at the end of this year.

Best regards,

Hi Oscar!

Thank you for the answer. Do you plan to support LSP protocol for MPS's DSLs?

Oscar Rodriguez

It's not on our plans at the moment, but you can create a features request on our issues tracker, and based on the number of votes, we will consider it for future releases:


I think it is not the best idea to do everything in the world. Some people want a web service, some want a standalone-tool, some want an app...
Computer science must concentrate efforts. Some people would use MPS but they want it as a web page. And some others don't like Java. And some people don't want IntelliJ behind the scene. But you cannot have everything. No company in the world can spend so much effort for developing all sorts of good things.
So if you have a problem where MPS fits, then use it and contribute to it. You see what happens with mbeddr when people want too much. Everybody when seeing mbeddr thinks, "Wow, that is the future!" But now mbeddr looks quite orphaned. The future is dead.
So please concentrate on MPS! Please support MPS so that it becomes better and better and more popular. If you want too much from a technology, then your technology will collapse and disappear.


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