Constraints and reference

Hey User, Its Danish Mukhtar I need your help.

1- how to refer one concept to another, For Example: lets consider Concept A has a properties Size and Weight  and there is another concept lets say Concept B . B concept is using property of Size from Concept A  how can we do that. how can we refer that

2- some concepts depends on another concept For Example: Concept A will be true if and only if concept B is true otherwise not . how can we do that

Thank you


Can you be more specific here? What is concept A and what is concept B? How is B using properties of A? What does it mean for a concept to be true?


lets say concept A is sensors which senses water droplets. And concept B is a cleaning system which will be activate if and only if concept A is true i.e. if droplet senses is true.


So you would have some container for the components and for the activation rules, I think:

concept Container implements INamedConcept
  components: Component[0..n]
  rules: Rule[0..n]

concept Component implements INamedConcept

abstract concept Rule

concept ActivateWhenTrue extends Rule
  source: Component[1]
  target: Component[1]

And the actual instance would be something like:

container Example {
  component WaterDropletSensor
  component CleaningSystem

  rule ActivateWhenTrue(source: WaterDropletSensor, target: CleaningSystem)

Right? Does this help?


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