A warning 'Action insert ' requires command and cannot run during make' is thrown when we try to add content to the model when make is performed

Hi All,
The scenario is as follows :
I am trying to add content to the model while make is performed .I am getting a warning 'Action insert' requires command and cannot run during make'
I had a look into the source code ,where i found MPS prevents all actions which requires command while make is performed , looked into the source code to find out why that is the case, couldnt find the precise reason ,Anybody could help pointing out why this warning is shown ? What will be the repurcussions if this warning is not there and the action insert is performed and contents are added to the model.
Thanks in advance

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MPS holds model read during Make for obvious reasons. At the moment, whole project repository is locked for read ((a) there's no mechanism to lock only parts you're going to access during make; (b) necessary scope to lock would be quite tricky to guess). Therefore, no model modification is possible. Insert action is basically a model write+undo tracking (aka 'command'), hence the warning. Imagine your insert action modifies a model Make  transforms right now - what would be the way to ensure consistent and reasonable outcome?


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